Magical Girls in Anime

Note: The symbol “JW” indicates that the series was listed as Magical Girl on the Japanese Wikipedia at the time of this writing; “Not JW” indicates that it was not listed in the pages I could find. 

The story goes that the idea of Magical Girls became noted in Japan after the US sitcom Bewitched achieved a strong following among Japanese girls; I Dream of Jeannie is then cited as the prototype for Magical Girlfriend shows. Other western works of at least some influence include Caroll's Alice books and Baum's Wizard of Oz (both are High Fantasy, so the anime made directly from them are not considered magical girl anime).

The success of Bewitched was followed in 1966.12.05 by Mahou Tsukai Sally, which ran until 1968.12.30. Sally was a witch who fled the land of magic to live in the human world; notably, the witchland in this series uses a dark and oppressive symbolism. The series began in black and white but changed over to color at episode 18. Sally the Witch is considered the first Mahou Shoujo anime. JW.

Proceeding chronologically, our next Magical Girl was Hecate of Princess Knight (1967.04.02-1968.04.07). The protagonist of Princess Knight is Prince(ss) Sapphire, a woman who has both a male kokoro and a female kokoro due to an error made in heaven. Tinkle, the angel who made that error, accompanies Sapphire until he can correct his mistake. Sapphire is hunted by Satan, who wants her female kokoro so that his daughter Hecate, who has no kokoro, will become a complete woman. Hecate, as has become traditional for the evil villain's beautiful daughter, sides with the prince against her father, using her dark sorcery as Sapphire's sometime ally. Hecate and Tinkle don't get along at all. Princess Knight is not considered a Mahou Shoujo anime, if only because the hero is not a magical girl. (The manga is seminal in the shoujo genre; in his author’s note, Tezuka cites takarazuka theatre as his primary influence.)

1967.07.03-1968.12.30 - Miss Comet. This production is reported to have combined anime with live-action. In this story, a fairy from the Kingdom of Stars comes to Earth. She is a young girl with magical powers, and this is therefore a Mahou Shoujo story. Although I have seen the sequel, I have not seen the original.

1967.10.02-1968.03.25 - Chibikko Kaiju Yadamon. I have no information on this title; for the remake, see below. 

1969.01.06-1970.10.26 - Himitsu no Akko-chan. Atsuko Kagami is deeply mourning a broken mirror when the fairy of mirrors appears before her in a dream and grants her the magical power to change her appearance by using an enchanted compact; however, this power must be kept secret. Akko is the first magical girl to be an ordinary girl granted power. JW.

1970.11.02-1971.09.27 - Maho no Mako-chan. Haven't seen it. JW.  

1971.10.03-1972-.03.26 Fushigi no Melmo, aka Miracle Melmo. Melmo is a recently orphaned young girl who has been granted a Miracle from God in the form of a bottle of pills that change the age of a creature that eats them by 10 years per pill, with blue pills making the subject older, and red pills making the subject younger. By reverting to an age before she was born, Melmo can transform to other types of creatures when she ages back. Not JW.

1971.10.04-1972.03.27 Sarutobi Ecchan. Haven't seen it. JW.

1972.04.03-1972.12.25 Mahou Tsukai Chappy. Little Witch Chappy flees the court life of the magical world for the exciting life of exotic suburbia in the human world. JW.

1973.10.01-1974.03.25 Miracle Shoujo Limit-chan. Limit is a 10-year old girl who was badly injured in a plane crash; her father rebuilt her, better than she was before, tougher, stronger, faster ... and feeling quite alienated about not being human anymore. Although a cyborg story would seem to be science fiction instead of Mahou Shoujo, Limit's powers cannot be explained within the technological level of her society. JW.

1973.10.13-1974.03.30 Cutey Honey. After Honey Kisaragi is killed, her father resurrects her as an android. In turn, he is also killed by the criminal organization Panther Claw. Honey vows revenge, but is that why she should be fighting? I've only seen a few episodes of this. Again, Honey's abilities cannot be accounted for within the technology of her society. JW.

1974.04.01-1975.09.29 Majokko Meg-chan - I haven't seen it. Japanese wikipedia notes the work as seminal in that the coquettish Meg isn't an honor student type. Also the ice princess magical girl Non introduces the Rival concept into magical girl anime. JW.

1978. Live action. The second Miss Comet. The younger sister of the first Comet (1967) follows her example and journeys to Earth.

1978.03.06-1979.01.29 Majokko Chikuru. Chieko is a human girl in the human world who just lost her last friend; Chikuru is a magical girl in a magical world who is being pursued by a dragon. Chieko finds a strange book that allows her to summon Chikuru into the human world, where she becomes Chieko’s new sister. This is an anime about family values; notably, it is not about Chikuru herself, but has an ensemble cast. JW.

1978.04.04-1978.10.31 Future Boy Conan - although Science Fiction instead of magical, Conan's girlfriend has clairsentient powers. This is not a mahou shoujo anime.

1979.02.09-1980.02.08 Hana no ko LunLun. Haven't seen it. JW.

1980.02.15-1981.02.27 Mahou Shoujo Lalabel. Haven't seen it. JW.

1981.10.14-1986.03.19 Urusei Yatsura. Again considered Science Fiction instead of magical, this is the first Magical Girlfriend anime; it is not mahou shoujo. Also considered to be in the Teenagers from Outer Space genre.

1982.03.18-1983.02.23 Mahou no Princess Minky Momo. Haven't seen it. JW.

1982.05.08-1983..3.26 Ochamegami Monogatari KoloKolo Polon

Apollo's daughter growing up on Olympus; her powers are natural in that environment, so she doesn’t become an actual Magical Girl until she adventures with the Argonauts.  

1982.10.07-1983.09.22 Tokimeki Tonight. Ranzie is the daughter of a vampire and werewolf; therefore, she transforms into whoever she bites. Ranzie lives with her family in a mansion that controls the passage to the magical world, and often deals with other magical beings rather than humans. A strong case can be made for this being a High Fantasy story. Not JW.


1982.10.17-1984-03-11 Sasuga no Sarutobi - ninja academy. The Magical Girl is actually the guest star of episode 38.

1983.04.02-1983.12.24 Nanako SOS. This is gag comedy. It is also a Henshin Heroine show, and seems to be the first Henshin Heroine anime.

1983.07.01-1986.08.29 Studio Pierrot's Magical Girl Foursome. These shows were popular not only with little girls but also young men. JW.

            1983.07.01-1984.06.29 Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami. Yuu rescues a UFO and is granted the Magical Power to become a skilled Idol performer; but if her power is discovered, she loses it. The first Magical Idol anime.

            1984.07.06-1985.05.31 Mahou no Yousei Pelsia. I've seen a few episodes of this; if her power is discovered, her boyfriends will turn into women.

            1985.06.07-1986.02.28 Mahou no Star Magical Emi. Mai wants to be a magician but lacks the skills; however, the strength of her wish summons a fairy who grants her the power to become Magical Emi, who gives expert performances.

            1986.03.07-1986.08.29 Mahou no Idol Pastel Yumi. The flower energy grants Yumi the power to make whatever she can imagine into reality for a brief time by drawing it and chanting an invocation.

            1987 Majokko Club vs Alien X. A Henshin Heroine OAV starring the Magical Girl Foursome. Notable because it shows that the Sailor Moon girls *weren’t* the first team of Magical Girls to join forces against invading monsters; however, the Majokko Club owes more to the Seven Samurai tradition than to Super Sentai.

1987.04.07-1989.10.26 ESPer Mami.

The series opens on the day that Mami discovers she has special abilities, and those powers grow steadily as the series progresses. Mami keeps her abilities secret from fear of persecution, not supernatural constraint. Mami is the kind of girl boys want to date instead of the girl other girls want to be, so this is probably not shoujo, although it is still considered mahou shoujo. Although a case can be made for Science Fiction- Mami's abilities are tested and trained under scientific principles, and ESPer abilities have previously appeared in Science Fiction anime - my decision to place this anime as mahou shoujo is based on the fear and revulsion society exhibits when her abilities are suspected; her powers are occult relative to the community. JW.

1988.10.09-1989.12.24 Himitsu no Akko-chan. A remake of the earlier series, but different in the details. In the second half, Atsuko is used by the mirror kingdom to re-educate a delinquent from their own society. JW.


1989.07.17 Kiki’s Delivery Service. JW. I wouldn’t have included this since Kiki has no secrecy constraint, but JW does, so I note it.

1989.10.09-1992.09.23 - Mahou Tsukai Sally 2. Haven't seen it. JW.  

1990.05.02-1991.03.27 - Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint. Mint comes to the human world to restore human happiness, which is the source of magic in her world. She has several powers. If she is discovered, she loses her right to inherit the throne. Like the later DoReMi girls, Mint runs a shop; however, instead of selling magical items, she uses magic to produce whatever mundane goods the customer needs. JW.

1991 Luna Varga. Princess Luna fuses with the ancient creature Varga to become a living weapon; now, whenever she needs to, she can transform into a Godzilla-like monster and fight whatever needs to be fought. High Fantasy. Included here because Luna seems to the be first “magical” girl whose super powers consist of a powerful servant. This anime is not mahou shoujo.


1991-1995. Devil Hunter Yohko OAV series. Not JW.

1991.10.02-1992.12.23 - Mahou No Princess Minky Momo - Yume no Dakishimete. A sequel, rather than a remake; I haven't seen it. JW.

1992.02.03-1993.01.18 - Hana no Mahou Tsukai Marybell. Vivian and Ken have just moved to the country, where they awaken and are befriended by Flower Magician Marybell. Marybell does not have a secret identity constraint; lots of older people remember her from times past. JW includes Marybell as a mahou shoujo anime while acknowledging that she is not actually a girl since she won’t ever grow up. I call it Magical Comrade.

1992.03.07 -1997.02.08 - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. JW.

1992.04.22-1993.04.28 Moldiver. Henshin Heroine anime. Not JW.

1992.08.24-1993.07.16 - Yadamon. Yadamon is a fairy banished to the human world until she learns discipline. Since Yadamon looks and acts like a human pre-schooler, she is adopted by the human family who operate the nature reserve where she appears. Yadamon cannot use magic while under human observation, a fact that she is blissfully unaware of. Yadamon will tell anyone who asks that she is a witch from the magical world, but no one ever believes her. Yadamon is punished for misconduct by a jewel that she wears; without it, she cannot use magic at all. Yadamon is assisted by Timeon, who conceals his true form from Yadamon and his fey nature from the humans. While Yadamon herself has no occult knowledge, the fairy kingdom does. I regard Yadamon as mahou shoujo, although it only becomes clearly so at the climax. JW.  

1992.10.04-1994.12.25 Hime-chan no Ribbon. Himeko receives a ribbon that allows her to take the appearance of any living human; but if she is discovered, she loses the power to change back. JW.

1993.01.08-1993.12.24 Miracle Girls. Twin girls are a powerful ESPer. At the moment, I can't think of any reason why this show isn't Science Fiction instead. Not JW.

1994-1995 Shin Cutey Honey OAV

1994.01.07-1995.06.30 Akazukin Cha Cha. I call it as a Henshin Heroine anime. JW included, but disputed. This is High Fantasy.

1994.09.03-1995.08.26 Tonde Buurin. Prince Ton must prove his ability to rule by choosing a champion who will be tested; he picks Karin, who is given the ability to take the form of a super-powered pig. If she can score enough points, Karin gets to become the kind of super-heroine she wants to be, but if she is discovered, she stays a pig forever. JW lists this as Henshin Heroine. This anime has a strong liminality theme.

1994.10.17-1995.11.27 Magic Knight Rayearth. Three girls from different middle-schools are summoned to a magical land threatened by destruction. First season is RPG High Fantasy; second season is mahou shoujo. JW included, but disputed as being more properly High Fantasy. This anime has a strong liminality theme.

1995 Hyper Dolls. Two powerful androids are sent by a galactic defense agency to protect the Earth; they take the form of high school girls. Oddly, they’re both self-indulgent slackers; nevetheless, I call this a Henshin Heroine anime. Not JW.

1995-01-09 to 1995-12-25 Zenki. The story is shounen fight; even though the protagonist is the magical girl Chiaki, her primary power is the ability to summon forth the demon lord Zenki and command him to fight for her. Not JW. This anime does not have a liminality theme. It fits into Magical Comrade.

1995.04.05-1996.03.27 Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Teenage girls support marriage with their magical powers. JW.

1995.07.07-1996.03.29 Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. Haven't seen it. JW.


1995.09-1997.05 Galaxy Fraulein Yuna. Yuna wins an idol contest to become the new Savior of the Light, and is given the most advanced weapons a galactic society can provide. She leads a company of young girls in non-concealing powered armor against any threats to galactic peace, such as an advancing battleship armada. Henshin Heroine anime. Not JW.

1995.10.12-1996.09.12 Kaitou Saint Tail. Meimi is a schoolgirl who becomes St. Tail, a mysterious thief who uses magic to right wrongs. Her identity is a secret because the police are after her, although the police are more interested in busting her victims than in catching her. JW included, but JW disputes all kaitou anime. This anime has a strong liminality theme.

1996. Idol Fighter Suchie Pai. A group of magical girls (all of different types) compete for control of an artifact. Not JW.

1996. Shamanic Princess. JW, but disputed as being properly High Fantasy. Or Horror.  

1996. My Dear Marie. Hiroshi Karigari builds an android duplicate of a girl he admires to become his sister. Since Marie, not Hiroshi, is the main character, it can’t be magical girlfriend. Since the technology to build such androids is not known in their society, her existence and abilities can reasonably be considered magical. The focus of the story is Marie learning what it means to be human, which is a liminality theme. I think this fits as mahou shoujo, although it isn’t generally considered that way.

1996.10.04-1997.03.28 Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. A spin-off from the Tenchi Muyo franchise, with an ultra-genki Sasami look-alike as Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. Sasami keeps her double identity a secret because it would be really embarrassing if people knew she dressed like that. JW. I have to call it Henshin Heroine.


1997.1.21-1998.4.25 Mahou shoujo Meruru. 18+, JW. (Clearly, then, she wasn’t an adult before the “translators” got to it.) Haven’t seen it.

1997.02.15-1998.01.31 Cutey Honey F. A remake of Cutey Honey as a shoujo anime. Haven’t seen it. JW.

1997.03 - Jungle de Ikou (OAV). Ancient Gods from New Guinea are re-awakened when schoolgirl Natsume takes the jewels from an idol to use as ear-rings, thereby becoming an incarnation of the fertility goddess Mii. Strong sexual themes, but this also classifies as Henshin Heroine. Not JW.


1998.02.15-1999.02.06 Mysterious Magic Fan Fan Pharmacy. Haven’t seen it. JW.

1998.04.04-1998.09.26 Akihabara Dennou Gumi. What can humanity become? Several young girls are chosen by a shadowy conspiracy to become subjects in an experiment intended to find out. Not JW. Obvious liminality theme. Cyberteam in Akihabara starts as a fighting pet anime, but then becomes Henshin Heroine. This anime is also odd in that the villains are motivated by love.  

1998.04.05-1998.09.27 Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala. 3rd grader Miho Shinohara encounters two dinosaur/ fairies from the land of time who give her the ability to become older, and to create clothing by drawing it with a magic pen. She uses these skills to become a fashion model. The project for this show dates back to the Magical Girl Foursome era, but it was set aside and later re-imagined; nonetheless, Lala is still one of the Pierrot Idols. JW.

1998.0405-1999.02.28 Himitsu no Akko-chan. Remade again. JW.

1998.04.07-1999.07.03,1999.09.07-2000.03.21. CardCaptor Sakura. JW.


1998-10-06 to 1999-09-28 Super Doll Licca-chan. Grade-schooler Rika is believed to be the lost princess of a magic kingdom, and acquires both deranged stalkers and magic knight defenders to complicate her life. Rika herself has no magical powers. Haven’t seen it. JW. Seems to be a Magical Comrade anime.

1998.10.17-199.04.03 Mamotte Shugogetten. Included here because ANN lists it as Magical Girl. Tasuke is a lonely young boy who receives various cultural relics from his father in China, some of which have supernatural beings associated with them. Since Tasuke himself is clearly the main character, and the focus is on his efforts to adapt to his situation, this is a magical girlfriend anime rather than magical girl. This anime does have liminality themes stemming from Shao’s lack of societal knowledge. Not JW.  

1999.02.07-2003.01.26 Ojamajo Doremi. I saw only a few episodes of this. Doremi is noted for magic users needing instruction, actual training, and not simply practice. JW.

1999.02.13-2000.01.29 Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Maron steals demon possessed artworks because an angel of God tells her to. JW included, but disputed. This anime has strong liminality themes.

1999.04.02-200.10.04 Corrector Yui. Yui ventures into ComNet virtual realities finding and eliminating trouble, aided by the AI Correctors. Yui is using technology at the cutting edge of R&D in her world; the only man who understood it is comatose after an accident while using it. Her identity is secret because the Correctors are being hunted by Grosser. JW included, but disputed. I classify this as Henshin Heroine; although Yui is unknown in the human world, she is widely known in the Net where she operates.

1999.04.07-1999.09.29. I’m Gonna be an Angel. This anime is dominated by a family values theme; therefore, it has an ensemble cast. It has multiple liminality themes. What it does not have are any young girls with magical powers that they can deliberately control; the witches are either adult, or have an adversarial relationship with their power. Still, this is a coming of age drama about magical girls being magical in a low fantasy setting, so I have to call it mahou shoujo. Not JW.

1999.04.06-1999.09.28 D4 Princess. This is a Sports anime about Magical Girl Gladiatorial Combat. It doesn't feel like mahou shoujo; it feels like a sports anime. Not JW. This anime does have a strong liminality theme.  

1999.07.05-1999.10.05 Mito no Daibokan: Futari no Jou-sama (TV). As Aoi is crowned Queen of the Galaxy, the first holder of that title, a magical girl, appears and challenges him. His supporters insist on fighting, even though Aoi would prefer to discuss the matter. In any event, until he demonstrates the power that would make him worthy to hold such a title, the other claimant has nothing to say to him. So, Aoi trains with Ranban while the city above is ravaged in meaningless conflict, and Mito heads off to do some archaeology in order to learn something about their opponent. The liminality theme here is that Aoi has the title, but now he must become the Queen in reality, and not simply rule as a figurehead. Unlike many anime, where violence is presented as a way to solve problems, this series presents conflict as pointless and self-destructive. Not JW.

1999.07.07-1999.10.06 Mahou Tsukai Tai. A group of teenagers study magic from grimoires, accidentally saving the world while trying to discover romance. JW.  

1999-10-05 to 2000-04-04 Risky Safety. The misery of middle-school girl Moe is so great that she summons shinigami (grim reaper) Risky, who is willing to end her misery by ripping her soul out. Risky’s attempts to drive her over the edge by reviewing everything that happened actually gives Moe some perspective, and she gets better. When Moe is happy, Risky, for reasons never divulged in the anime, transforms into Safety, an angel. Safety returns Moe to a state of misery, bringing Risky back .... Risky Safety is the actual protagonist, Moe is the problem they’re trying to solve. Not JW. I call this a Magical Comrade anime.  

2001.01.09-2001.03.20 Earth Girl Arjuna. Arjuna claims to be a story of ecology and psychic science, which is not magic in that setting. I couldn’t watch this. Not JW.

2001.03.05-2002.02.25 Ask Dr. Rin. Haven't seen it yet. Not JW.

2001.03.07 Puni Puni Poemi. This is a seinen parody of the mahou shoujo genre, not shounen; no anime with a Mature rating should ever be shoujo or shounen since those classifications indicate that the anime is for children. Contains sexual comedy and graphic violence. Banned in New Zealand. Not JW. This is a Henshin Heroine anime.

2001.04.01-2002.01.27 Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san. Comet is the princess of Harmonica Star World, one of the 3 star kingdoms. She is expected to marry the prince of another such kingdom, but he runs off. Comet is sent to Earth to find him, but has no interest in actually doing so. Princess Meteor, of the 3rd kingdom, is also sent to Earth, but Meteor decides that finding Comet and waiting for her to find the prince is good enough. Eventually the prince’s own kingdom sends searchers, who also have no interest in actually finding the prince.... So we have a story about magical girls trying to live their ordinary lives in a small town using their ordinary magical powers.... JW.

2001.04.04-2001.06.27 Shin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear JW included, but disputed as being more properly a bishounen harem anime.

2001.07.05-2001.09.27 Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto. JW.

2001.09.11-2002.04.26 Usagi-chan de Cue. Not JW.

2001.10.03-2002.03.27 Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. Saga is compelled by her sense of responsibility to adopt Sugar, a tiny snow fairy; this is also a Magical Comrade anime. Not JW.

2001.10.04-2001.12.20 Angel Tails. This is a Magical Pet anime, but the pets happen to be girls instead of monsters. Not JW.

2001.10.13-2003.10.01 Kasumin. This is the story of Haruna Kasumi, an ordinary 10 year old girl fostered to a family of “henamon”(fairies). Not JW. One ordinary girl with a family of Magical Comrades.

2001.10.13-2002.03.30 Vampiyan Kids. Sue's Papa is a vampire who gets banished from the monster world, with his castle and family, for the crime of not being scary. Sue is officially the main character; she is a cheerful and energetic blonde magical girl vampire. In episode 1, Sue falls for a human boy (Kou) who likes bats and wolves but is afraid of girls. Not JW.


2002 ESPer Mami live-action remake. Looks to have been 12 episodes long.

2002.01.10-2002.06.27 Seven of Seven. The Nana Rangers function as Henshin Heroines when they do anything at all. Not JW.  

2002.02.25-2003.01.25 Arcade Gamer Fubuki. Sports anime.

2002.04.06-2003.03.29 Full Moon wo Sagashite. JW. Since Full Moon has no magical powers that I can recall, this is a Magical Comrade anime, while also an Idol anime.

2002.04.06-2003.03.29 Tokyo Mew Mew. They are definitely Henshin Heroines, but also magical girls. JW.

2002.04.06-2005.09.27 Mirumo de Pon. This show has no secrecy; the fairies are inherently undetectable to mundanes. Not JW. I describe this as a Magical Comrade anime in which multiple humans have fairy companions.

2002.04.07-2002.09.29 Pitaten I describe this as Magical Comrade. Not JW.  

2002.07.02-2002.10.01 G-On Riders. Henshin Heroine. Not JW.

2002.07.04-2002.09.28 Enban Koujo Walkure (UFO Princess). Not JW. Henshin Heroine.

2002.07.06-2002.08.10 Mahou Yuugi. JW. High Fantasy.  

2002.07.03-2002.12.25 Ground Defense Force Mao-chan. Henshin Heroine. Not JW.

2002.08.04-2002.11.03 Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte. Henshin Heroine. JW.

2002.08.17-2003.06.28 Princess Tutu. Not JW.

2002.09.30-2003.03.24 Petite Princess Yucie. High Fantasy. Not JW.

2002 Kiddy Grade. When the story begins, Eclair has just undergone psychiatric treatment that has left her in a state of reborn innocence; therefore, she is a girl again, despite her age.


2003? Guardian Hearts. A group of magical girls (all different types) live in a boarding house together. Situation comedy. Not JW.

2003 Dokkoida - Ruri and Tanpopo are the candidates.

2003.01.08-2003.03.26 Magical Domiko (part of Nanaka 6/17). Magical Domiko is the magical girl on a television program Nanaka watches devotedly.

2003.01.10-2003.03.27 Someday’s Dreamers. JW included, disputed. (Their abilities are natural in the society in which they function; therefore, this is High Fantasy.)

2003.04.05-2004-12-25 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. I consider this as an Idol anime. JW.

2003.05.20-2003.11.11 Ultra Maniac. Ayu is a normal human girl who becomes the subject of an infatuation from Nina, a magical girl who fled the magical world because she couldn’t pass her exams there. JW. This starts as Magical Girlfriend, develops into Magical Comrade, then segues into Magical Girl.

2003.07.18-2003.10.03 Popotan. This is a series of Magical Comrade stories in which the guest protagonist of the week encounters the mysterious Popotan seekers. Not JW.

2003.10.04-2003.12.27 Bottle Fairies. Not JW.

2004 Rozen Maidens -

2004.01.09-2004.03.26 Yumeria. A loser guy becomes the center of a team of non-concealing power armor Henshin Heroines. Not JW. I think High Fantasy, but I was never able to get through this.

2004.01.13-2004.03.02 Chou Henshin Cos-Prayers. Henshin Heroine team. Not JW.  

2004.02.01-2005.01.30 Futari wa Pretty Cure. Nagisa and Honoka are Cure Black and Cure White, ordinary schoolgirls chosen to become Emissaries of Light who can save the world from the Evil of Shadow. Despite having nothing in common, White and Black must learn to combine their strengths and their hearts with each other and with their annoying fluffy things. Examples of their differences:
Nagisa: Red hair and mild tan/ athlete (lacrosse)/ working class family/ has parents and a brother/ girl magnet/ gets in trouble at school/would rather someone else save the world

Honoka: black hair and pale skin/mad scientist(chemistry) / old money /lives with her grandmother and dog /boy magnet /class leader/ thinks saving the world sounds interesting and fun.

PreCure avoids being Henshin Heroine by fighting in secrecy; the movies, however, when PreCure journeys to other worlds to save them, are Henshin Heroine -- the cheering crowds give it away.

         JW notes: prior to PreCure, it was a rule that magical girls could not use martial arts attacks; rather than exclude PreCure, they dropped the rule.


2004.04.09-2005.03.04 Mahouj Shoujo Tai. JW.included, specifically against the policy rejecting High Fantasy.

2004.08.01- Sweet Valerians. This is blatantly a retake on the PowerPuff Girls, so it should be in the same category as PPGZ. Henshin Heroine Not JW.

2004.10.02-2004.12.05 Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. JW. Haven’t seen it.

2004.10.03-2004.12.18 Uta-Kata. Haven’t seen it. Not JW  

2004.10.03-2004.12.26 Meteor Team Musumet. Henshin Heroine.

Musumet images/


2004.10.04-2005.03.28 Moon Phase. A young vampire girl tries to escape her family troubles by charming her way into a different one. Not JW. A case can be made here for Magical Girlfriend.

2005 Happy 7 (Henshin Heroine)

Happy7 images/

2005 Kirameki Project (Henshin Heroine):

Kirameki Project images/

Kirameki Project 2 images/

2005.01.01-2005.03.26 Magical Canan. JW.

2005.01.10-2005.03.27 Ultimate Girls. Henshin Heroine. Not JW.

UltimateGirl CD images/

Ultimate Girl DVD images/

2005.02.06-2006.01.29 Futari wa PreCure Max Heart. JW.

2005.03.12-2005.09.10 Bokusatu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Magical Girlfriend. Not JW.

2005.4.02-- Twin Princesses of the Mysterious World is about twin unprincess-like princesses who are chosen to save their world by becoming magical girls. The follow-on series is more of the same, but they go to school for it. JW included, as a specifically noted exception to the policy against High Fantasy.

2005.04.03 Onegai My Melody - My Melody is a “Hello, Kitty” style bunny with magical powers that draw their strength from the dreams of humans; My Melody uses bright dreams, her rival Kuromi uses dark dreams. This anime is for young children and teaches lessons of right and wrong; however, it rejects the notion of villains and heroes - this is a story about people, in a wide variance of age and circumstance. It has an ensemble cast; My Melody is an interested observer rather than the protagonist. Included here because Kuromi takes human form in at least one episode.

2005.06..28-2006.03.29 Kamichu!. I’ve called this a Magical Idol anime as well. Not JW.

2005.07.02-2006.06.24 Sugar Sugar Rune. Haven’t seen it. JW.

2005.07.04-2005.09.26 Wife is a Magical Girl, aka Oku-sama wa Maho Shojo: Bewitched Agnes - bishoujo - Although set in a Witchland, there can be only one Visionary at a time, so Agnes' powers are unique. Physically adult, she is emotionally crippled and child-like; Agnes should be a sorceress-type, but a sorceress is part of a society, and Agnes is not functional. This story barely squeezes into the Magical Girl genre. JW included, but disputed.

2005.07.05-2005.12.27 Gedou Hour. Henshin Heroine. Not JW.


2005.08.04 Majokko Tsukune-chan. JW. High Fantasy.

2006 Rakugo Tennyo Oyui Looks Henshin Heroine, but I haven’t seen it.

2006.01.04-2006.03.29 Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku. Not JW.

2006.01.04-2006.03.29 Magikano. JW.

2006.02.05- 2007.01.28 (49 episodes) PreCure Splash Star. JW.

2006.02.09-2006.03.16 Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose. Not JW.

2006.03.19 Dai Mahou Touge. Punie is a magical princess from a world where strength rules and the weak are prey, and she’s also the new transfer student to a high school in the human world. Think there’s not much difference? Punie hasn’t noticed one. Punie does not attempt to keep her powers secret; she is benevolent to her supporters, and death to her enemies. Not JW.

2006.04.04-2006.06.27 Yoshinaga’s Gargoyle. We have at least 2 magical girls here - Kaitou Riri, and Iyo’s student Futaba. A case can also be made for Osiris. However, this is not a Magical Girl anime, because the girls are subjects of much more powerful adult mages.

2006.04.04-2006.06.20 Magipoka. A sequence of stories about beautiful girls being cute. 4 girls - a witch, a vampire, an android, and a werewolf - escape the monster world and take up life in a tree house. Later in the story, an invisible girl is found to be living there as well. The four seem to have a mental age of about 10. Not JW.

2006.04.13-2006.07.13, Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club. A totally new take.

JW. Disputed on the grounds of being High Fantasy.

2006.07.01- Powerpuff Girls Z. I am hard-pressed to imagine any filter that includes this but excludes Tonde Buurin. Henshin Heroine. JW.

PPGZ images, mostly swiped from Moetron/


2007.01.13- Lunar surface rabbit weapon [mina]. A Salaryman story in which the main character happens to be a magical girl. Spin -off from the live-action drama Train Man. Miina is a DNA level conditioned living weapon who uses her powers to quell rambunctious sport’s fans. Her day job is sport’s announcer. She also attends high school. Miina is part of a battalion of similar peacekeepers based on the moon.

2007 St October. Haven’t seen it.

2007.02.04 - ... Yes! PreCure 5.

2007.04.06 Kamichama Karin

2007.07.02 - 2007.09.17 Nanatsuiro Drops

2007-07 Moetan

2007.10.02 - 2008.03.25 Mokke

2007.10.06 - 2009.10.03 Shugo Chara


2008 Yes Precure 5 Go Go

2009 Cooking Idol Ai Mai Mine

2009 Jewel Pets

2009 Precure Fresh

2009 Yumeiro Patissiere

2009 Animal Detectives Kirumin

2010 Kaito Reinya

2010 Heartcatch PreCure

2010 Jewel Pets Tinkle

2010 Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri

2010 Shinryaku! Ika Musume

2010 Milky Holmes