Nominated, but not yet accepted:

1985 Star Trap (Part of Cream Lemon)

1986 Castle in the Sky.

1986 Dream Hunter REM. Hentai, horror. An edited release was also made. Rem is a supernatural being with the appearance of an adolescent girl who enters human dreams to fight the monsters that live there. Sexual violence. The liminality theme here is that REM exists between dreams and reality; however, like Vampire Princess Miyu, her role as a guardian precludes her from either.

1986 Project A-KO

1987 Kimagure Orange Road - the psychic little sisters.

1990 Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youko. I've seen a few episodes. Youko’s magic consists of overwhelming personal luck.

1990 - NG Knight Lamune and 40. An RPG based anime in which fantasy characters use magic in a fantasy world. These aren't Magical Girls.

1990 Samurai Pizza Cats - henshin heroes, one of whom is a girl; they aren’t children in context, but their characters are child-like.

1991.02.02-1991.07.27 Ningyo Hime Marina no Boken. (Saban’s Adventures of the Little Mermaid). Haven’t seen it. Not JW.

1992 Tenchi Muyo - Sasami/Tsunami.


1993 Ghost Sweeper Mikami - Mikami is a woman, but the ogre user is child-like. High Fantasy.

1993 Girl from Phantasia - A fairy becomes infatuated with a mortal.

1994 Blue Seed.

Momiji is a girl with the power to save the world by sacrificing herself; unfortunately for her, this fact is not a secret. Since her power is not secret and is divine in origin, it can't really be considered magical. Not JW. This anime does have a strong liminality theme.

1994 Compiler - Plasma would be the candidate, but she barely appears in the anime.

1994 Dirty Pair Flash - Kei and Yuri are 17, and have henshin sequences; in one episode, their opponent is the “Sweet Fairy”, a child assassin using a magical girl motif.

1994 Mahoujin Guru-Guru - Children adventure in a fantasy world, one of whom is the last Guru-Guru user; since her magic is unique, this is very close.

1995 Adventures of Kotetsu - Lynn Suzuki has a demon-forged sword and uses it to fight.

1995 Armitage III - A next-generation artificial human lives and loves in conflict.

1995 Fushigi Yuugi - Miaka and Yui are priestesses rather than mages, and victims rather than in control of events; they don’t have any actual power.

1995 Megami Paradise - The Aerostar absorbs all evil, creating a paradise, until it becomes full; then the high priestess purifies the Aerostar, taking the evil into herself, becoming a powerful demon. Then the protected dolls have to fight against this demon while still under the influence of the Aerostar, which prevents hatred and aggression. Amazingly bland. The High Priestess is a woman, though, not a girl, so she doesn’t count, and there isn’t anyone else with a character.

1995 Princess Minerva - High Fantasy.

1995 Ruin Explorers - High Fantasy; again, the main character has a unique power.

1995 Slayers - Lina’s connection with LON isn’t under her control, so it’s not magic use as such.

1995 Soar High! Isami - A 5th grade girl inherits the power of the Shinsengumi and fights against evil with a couple of guys who are also heirs to the tradition.

1995 Sorcerer Hunters (the girl in episode 10?). High Fantasy.

1996 Birdy the Mighty - Birdy is a woman, Tsutomu is a guy.

1996 Master of Mosquiton - Yuki is our candidate, but she is actually immortal.

1996 Tattoon Master - Nima seems more woman than girl.

1996 Vision of Escaflowne - Hitomi’s fate adjusting powers might or might not be magical.

1997 Agent Aika - Aika gained her powers in childhood, so she’s a post-magical girl who never grew up.

1997 Detatoko Princess - Lapis differs from Lina Inverse in that she only has one power - a unique ability to dispel any other enchantment - and invoking that power calls forth a special flower motif outfit that vanishes when the spell is complete. High Fantasy.

1997 Hyper Police - High Fantasy, and the main characters are all adults.

1997 Kero Kero Chime - High Fantasy; a human boy under a curse wanders Faerie in the company of the frog princess and a retinue.

1997 Maho Gakuen Lunar - High Fantasy; after all the good students at the magic school are captured, the future rests on the slackers who were cutting class that day.

1997 Maze - Mil and Randy are the candidates; Maze is an adult.

1997 Vampire Princess Miyu -

1997 Yume no Crayon Oukoku.- High Fantasy; Princess Silver has access to powerful magical tools from the royal treasury, which she uses on her quest.  

1998 Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses

1998 Devilman Lady - a woman struggles to remain human after receiving super powers.

1999 Gokudo - High Fantasy. The candidate is Amaterasu, odd as that may seem.  

1999 Himiko-Den

1999 Jubei-chan the Ninja girl

1999 Melty Lancer

1999 Steel Angel Kurumi

1999 Trouble Chocolate

1999 Zoids (Fiona)

2000 Brigadoon
2000 Cyber Idol Mink, not an anime:

2000 Daa Daa Daa; an ordinary boy and girl take care of a magical baby.

2000 Gate Keepers

2000 Love Hina (Kaolla Su)

2000 Sakura Taisen

2000 Strange Dawn - two ordinary schoolgirls are drawn to a fantasy world and expected to save it, but they don’t know anything about that.


2001 Alien Nine - horror.

2001 Figure 17 -

2001 Galaxy Angel - during one episode, they all become magical girls.  

2001 Hare & Guu. Hare’s new foster sister Guu has incomprehensible powers that terrify him.

2001 Najica Blitz Tactics - the candidate is Lila.

2001 Real Bout High School

2001 Yobarete, Tobidete; Akubi-chan

2002 Full Metal Panic - Tessa and Chidori.

2002 Gravion

2002 Happy World

2002 Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. High Fantasy, Gag comedy. None of the girls possesses significant magical power. Not JW.

2002 Panyo Panyo Digi Charat. High Fantasy. Degiko’s Eye-beam power is not considered magical by her comrades

2002 Psychic Academy - High Fantasy.

2002 Shrine of the Morning Mist

2003 Bobobo - episode 48, Denbo. Denbo is an idol singer who identifies herself as a Magical Girl and who has the power to create temporary artificial realities with her songs (much as Creamy Mami did). Yet, Bobobo is gag comedy, and Denbo is a parody character.

2003 Da Capo

2003 Digi Charat-nyo

2003 Gunslinger Girls

2003 Lime-Iro Senkitan

2003 Maburaho.

2003 Munto

2003 R.O.D the TV

2003 Shadow Star

2003 Tommorrow’s Nadja, for not being magical

2003 Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea, for being Science Fiction.

2003 Wandaba Style

2003 World of Narue; this series includes cute schoolgirls who are actually combat mecha.  

2003 Yamibou

2004 Bleach - Ichigo’s sister

2004 Dears - science fiction.

2004 Gakuen Alice. Science Fiction. Not JW.  

2004 Girl’s Bravo:

2004 Keroro Gunso - Angol Mois, Battle Armor Natsumi, Super-Heroine 723, Alisa Southern Cross. Not yet included pending character development.

2004 Konomini

2004 Mai Hime

2004 School Rumble - Yakumo

2004 Shinobuden - Miyabi is the candidate, but she attends magic school.

2004 Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie. Super-heroine. Not JW.

2005.01.07-2005.07.08 Ah! Megami-sama. None of the Goddesses uses occult power, and only Skuld is not an adult. Not JW. There is Shiho Sakakibara, though.

2005 ARIA - Akari has a tendency to stroll through the twilight zone.

2005 Erementar Gelade. Haven’t seen it. Not JW.                               

2005 Fate/Stay Night

2005 Hell Girl. Horror.

2005 Izumo

2005 Karin - a defective vampire, she only transforms in the last episode.  

2005 KoiKoi 7

2005 Mai Otome. Haven’t seen it, but I’m told that none of these girls have secret powers.

2005 Moeyo Ken

2005 Negima - High Fantasy.  

2005 Pani Poni Dash. Behoimi is a schoolgirl who adopts the personal style of being a magical girl, but without the magical powers. Ichijo does have magical powers, but is disconnected from reality most of the time.  

2005 PetoPeto-san - High Fantasy story about racial integration in schools.

2005 Shana.-  

2005 Shuffle - an ordinary guy has hot girls from nearby dimensions trying to marry him; how many can he keep interested at once?

2005 Tsubasa Chronicle                                

2006 Bincho-tan - High Fantasy.

2006 Demonbane -High Fantasy

2006 Disgaea - High Fantasy. A demon and an angel try to guide a prince.

2006 Fairy Musketeers - Girly-man Souta has a special power that ensures him a destiny; as is customary, lots of girls want to be part of that destiny. High Fantasy after the first few episodes.

2006 Himesama Goyojin - Himeko finds a crown; putting it on, she becomes the ruler of all she surveys.

2006 Inukami -

2006 Mamotte Lolipop -

2006 Melancholy of Haruhi

2006 Shinigami no Ballad: momo the girl god of death(Tv)

2006 Simoun - High Fantasy

2006 Zero Tsukaima - High Fantasy

2006 Witchblade

2006 xxxHolic

2006 Kin-iro no Corda -

2006 Ghost Hunt. Science, not magic.

2006 Gift: Eternal Rainbow

2006 Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!

2006 Galaxy Angel Lune

2007 Venus Versus Virus

2007 ... Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica TV 

High Fantasy, Seinen, Magical Girlfriend.  

2007-04 Princess Resurrection. Magical Girlfriend

2007.04 Kaze no Stigma. - Magical Girlfriend, High Fantasy.

2007.04 Sola -

2007.04 Mermaid Bride - as best I can tell, this is a family (organized

crime) values story with an ensemble cast. I haven’t seen it.

2007.07 Umisho - is the new girl on the swim team a mermaid?

2007.07 Code-E - a shy transfer student has a special ability she

can’t control. This is a romantic drama.

2007.07 Potemayo - a middle school student acquires a moe blob.

2007.07 Zombie Loan - a girl who can see the dead becomes involved

with bishounen zombies.

2007.10 Kawaii Jenny - barbie doll girl gang.

2007.10 Mokke - two girls have spiritual powers

2007.10 Rental Magica - the story of a job shop for mages